What Could You Do With 10,000 Unique New Visitors To Each Of Your eBay Auctions?

"Real Life eBay Power Seller Spills His Guts And Reveals How He Cracked The Code To Get Record Breaking Traffic To His Online Auctions!"

Now You Can Leverage This Cutting Edge Traffic Formula To Explode Your Auction Income By Driving Massive Hordes Of Targeted Traffic To Each And Every One Of Your Auctions.

CAUTION: Consumer
The information contained in this report is extremely powerful and will enable you to drive massive amounts of visitor traffic to your auction sites. We advise that you use discretion when utilizing such powerful methods of buyer manipulation. We strongly advise that you carefully read every single word on this page.

-Edson Buchanan -
eBay member "digitaldirect4u"



From: Edson Buchanan
RE: How To Sky Rocket Your eBay Traffic


Dear Internet Marketer,


Allow me to introduce myself, My Name is Edson Buchanan and I have been an eBay Seller since 2000. When it comes to eBay, I have tried it all. I first started selling items around the house then quickly moved to whole sale companies. In 2006, I was introduced to digital products and now make a full time living as an eBay PowerSeller.


eBay is easily the biggest auction site in the world. There are nearly one million viewers on eBay that either buy or sell products each and everyday. Imagine if you where able to get just one percent of those viewers to check out your auctions. Not only would you become the next eBay Powerseller but you would enjoy that extra paycheck your family has been looking for.

eBay provides a unique traffic system that allows eBay sellers to list their product for a number of days I like to call "eBay's natural traffic". If you list your product on eBay for seven days, your auction would see very little traffic at the beginning but would start to pick up the closer it gets to the end. By the last day of your auction, your product would get the most traffic out of the seven days.


"My Goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date Auction Traffic Guide that will quickly and easily boost your sales and sky rocket your profits!"


What's wrong with eBay's natural traffic?


Absolutely nothing! the problem lies with the millions of auctions ending all around the same time each and everyday. How do you compete with those PowerSellers that have thousands of feedback selling the exact same products as yourself? You see, an eBay buyer is most likely to buy from someone that has already established themselves as a trusted seller rather than someone that does not have the powerseller status or very little feedback.


What if there was a way to gain the trust of those eBay Buyers the very first day you listed your auction? How you you like to increase your auction traffic at the beginning of your auction creating a funnel of traffic at the end.


Are you tired of hearing and reading about those eBay PowerSellers that sell the exact same products as you for double sometimes even triple what you sell yours for? Would you like to beat those Powersellers at their own game?


If so, let me just say that "I Have Felt Your Pain!" I'm here to tell you that all of that is about to change and you need to read every word on this page.


Your Solution To Auction Traffic Is Finally Here!

Auction Traffic Formula is not just an eBook! Its My Personal Formula with proven methods that I actually use to drive mountains of unique targeted visitors to my eBay Auctions.

The Formula will take you through every step eBay to offer when it comes to creating traffic to your eBay Auctions then shows you exactly what it takes to drive thousands of targets unique visitors from the Internet.

Once you have learned how to drive traffic to your eBay Auctions, My Formula will go perfect with your other websites. Weather its eBay or your own website, Auction Traffic Formula will show you exactly how to create those targeted visitors that will keep on buying from YOU!

My World for show,
About Me For Profits! 
  I'll show you how to set up a successful My World Page where everyone will know who you are and what you sell. Then I will show you step by step how to set up your about page with affiliate marketing. You will create another source of income with ClickBank and affiliate marketing.
eBay Writer & Reviewer! 
  In this chapter I'll tell why you need to write eBay articles and how to give the perfect review. Want to know how to get the writers pin quickly and easily? I will show you that To!!
eBay Groups, Forums
& Blog Explained!
  An absolutely  untouched market for creating unique visitors to your eBay auctions. I will show you exactly how I have driven thousands of unique visitors to my eBay auctions, About Me, and My World with the power of eBay groups, forums, and blogs.
eBay Pulse, Search,
and Want It Now!
  Next I show you where to find the best keywords for your eBay auctions. In these chapters you learn what keywords to use in your eBay auction title for best results. Then I show you how to find what is hot on eBay and how to sell something without waiting for your auction to end.
eBay Widgets!
  Do you know what an eBay Widget is? I will explain to you exactly how it can increase your auction traffic by 100% Guaranteed. I will then show you which eBay widgets can help your eBay business.
Traffic Out Side of eBay
  I could of easily created my next product with all the information provided about driving traffic from out side of  eBay. You can easily implement all of the techniques I provide to your eBay Auctions and your own websites.







"Wow, Wow, Wow!"

The Auction Traffic Formula is the definitive most up to date guide showing you how to generate traffic to your eBay Auctions.

I simply love the secret strategies that you have included through out the book, these alone are nuggets of gold.

I thought I knew every method of driving traffic to my eBay auctions using different techniques. I was wrong, and therefore I can highly recommend Auction Traffic Formula to anyone that who wants to drive traffic to their eBay auctions, eBay store, and websites, and if you think you know all traffic generation methods after reading this you will realize how wrong you were.

John Thornhill

       "Thanks for the Steady Flow of Traffic"

Auction Traffic Formula is a no fluff comprehensive guide to generating traffic to your websites and eBay store. 

For Me, Auction Traffic Formula is one of the best sources for learning how to generate extra unique visitors. This eBook is without a doubt a permanent fixture in my essential reading collection and I would recommend anyone to make it a
fixture in their

   Thanks Edson for the great information and
      the steady flow of traffic. I owe you one!

     Daniel Sumner


     "Included Step by Step Videos"

Hi Edson,  I just wanted to drop you a line and compliment you on your eBook as that's what I thought I was getting... But you really have ensured a positive experience with all the included step by step videos.

A real multimedia course that explains every method you use in a very simple manner! What I liked most though - had to be the "secret Strategy" boxes..they are great! Congrats on a great product at a bargain price, I'll be happy to promote this as it's a real value!

Warm Regards,

  "Wow Edson, all I can say is WOW!"

I just finished reading Auction Traffic Formula and I'm blown away with the amount of secrets that you revealed. In fact have not 1, not 2 but 19 secret strategies hidden in your guide for getting tons of traffic to your eBay auctions - you certainly have over delivered on this one - well done!

Anyone who uses eBay would be a fool to pass this one up - Its that good.
I can't wait to start implementing your ideas - they are going to make me stacks more money - I'm ready rubbing my hands together with excitement. 

Tracey Edwards

     "Something ORIGINAL and Unique"

You know what? I have read a lot about using eBay as a weapon in your marketing arsenal, and I even come up with a few ideas myself I've not seen anyone doing, but... This is the FIRST eBook I've ever seen that's truly about MARKETING on eBay to eBayers.  By that I don't mean using eBay as a lead generator, we've all read plenty of those eBooks. What I mean is selling physical goods on eBay and using a very clever collection of techniques to drive qualified traffic to those auctions.  I believe what you've created here is something I see less and less of nowadays, something ORIGINAL and unique, and something I know people haven't seen before, but is just what they need. You do realize you'll be generating lots of extra competition for yourself by publishing this don't you? :)

Frank Haywood

        "One of The Best Generation eBay Traffic Guides"

I just finished reading "Auction Traffic Formula" and I'm happy to say that you get a big thumbs up from me. The guide is so simple and easy to follow, that I challenge anyone not to get a truck load of traffic to their eBay store and auctions. You've written one of the best eBay generation guides I've ever read.

You have even provided Step by Step videos tutorials to ensure even a beginner can success on eBay following your clever strategies, It really couldn't be more simple.  Every eBayer knows that the secret to success on eBay is traffic because the more views or traffic to any auction ultimately increases sales and visibility to all the other items for sale. If you sell on eBay, you need this guide...PERIOD!

Sally Neill

            "You Have Over Done It Edson"

Hi I just got done reading your eBook and all I have to say is WOW, you have totally over done it. I have never seen an eBook full of how to videos that where so easy to follow along with.

Edson, you provide some of the best methods I have have ever seen and I'll be honest with you, some I have never even thought of. Great Material, Great Videos, & defiantly worth it.

Amy Turner

 "Ways to drive Traffic that I haven't even thought of"
Hi Edson

You have done an amazing job with this eBook. it is the most comprehensive guide to driving traffic to your eBay store that I have ever read. The videos showing how to use the features within eBay, such as About Me page and My World are so easy to follow that any newbie will be able to do it and see traffic increase immediately.

You suggested ways to drive traffic to your eBay store that I haven't even thought of. I plan to implement some of your idea's today. Great Job and thanks for the free traffic!  Anyone who has an eBay store or is thinking about opening one would be insane not to read Your Auction Traffic Formula and keep it as a needed resource as they grow their business.

Vickie Sayce

"I Would Charge More For this eBook Edson"

Auction Traffic Formula is way more then just an eBook. First, you are dealing with someone that sells on eBay instead of someone that says they do but never reveal their name.

I know this might sound crazy Edson, But I know you could easily sell this eBook for around $47.00, its really that good. The Material you cover is the most update information you can find about increasing traffic to your eBay store and even your websites.

The videos is easily the best part due to the fact that you show exactly what your are talking about. I know I will be able to increase my eBay sales and its all thanks to Auction Traffic Formula.

       "Not full of fluff just to fill up more pages"

I think your eBook is well thought out and written.
I've been full time online since 2001, and even I learned a few things.

I was also reminded of some of eBay's features that I have forgotten about. I also like the fact that it's not full of fluff just to fill up more pages.



 "I Have Not Even Thought About Some Techniques"

Edson has put together a detailed Step by Step by Step guide that can increase sales for a new seller or even a PowerSeller!

I have been selling on eBay for years and I have not even thought about some of Edson's techniques. If you sell on eBay, this eBook is a must!


You are about to discover proven methods of driving traffic to your eBay auctions and even your own websites. Over the years I have used all of these methods and continue to add more every day. All of this methods to creating traffic is fairly easy to learn and can be implemented within minutes of learning the formula.

So How Much Would You Expect to Pay For This Sort of Information From a Genuine eBay PowerSeller?

$97.00 - $67.00 - $47.00 - $37.00

Well you may be shocked to know that for a Limited Time I'm only charging $27.00 for my formula. I was actually going to start the price at $67.00 but changed my mind for two reasons:

1. I want as many new and advanced eBay sellers to learn the formula that will quickly increase your eBaytraffic thus quickly and easily boost your sales and sky rocketing your profits!

2. Anyone who's not serious enough about their eBay business in 2009 to invest $27.00 into this formula is not going to take the time to use the methods provided within the Formula anyways. The Formula will only work as hard as you work!
Driving 1000's of visitors to your eBay Auctions begins here.
But you must first take action or nothing will happen!

If you are serious about taking your eBay Business to the next level, you need to invest in my Formula. I could easily sell this product for sixty seven dollars but I truly wanted to make it affordable for everyone. The price may go up in the future.. If you do not invest in my formula, then I wish you well, just don't be mad the next time another eBay seller auctions get more bids because they invested in my formula


Auction Traffic Formula

OK, I know where you at right now. You're thinking:

"What if I buy this product NOW
and then regret it later?"

Let me just say that I know exactly how you feel! I've purchased many online information products in the past that has over promised and under delivered. In all my research, I've found that the sellers who truly know what they are talking about and TRULY Believe in their product always put it in writing so here it is...

All The Risk Is On Me!

I'm so sure that You Will Love Auction Traffic Formula that I'm prepared to shoulder 100% of the risks. Which is why I'm backing it with a No Risk 60 Day Guarantee!

As Part of This Complete Auction Traffic Study Guide Also Get:
16 Training Videos!

The Great thing about these videos is that you can watch them right where your sitting NOW. YES! and their is nothing technical about it either! As you are reading the information in your manual and come across a video link, just click on it. The video will open up in a new windows and you will see me giving you a 1 on 1 lesson


"Learning How To Increase Unique Visitors To Your eBay Auctions Has Never Been Easier!" 

Unlike other products that just go on and on with pages and pages of boring text, Auction Traffic Formula with useful practical information! This is a full training course that includes 16 videos and will enable you to actually SEE Me demonstrate my techniques. 

Training Video 1
"RSS Feeds"
In this video you will learn the specific components of each step. I will uncover the methods used by sales experts to get people interested in their products and guide them to purchase.

Training Video 2
In this video you will learn what BookMarketing is and how it can increase traffic to your eBay auctions. I will then show you how to automate sending your eBay guides to over 19 BookMarketing sites.

Training Video 3
"Article Marketing"
In this video you will learn what article marketing is and how to write articles at websites like ezine articles then linking them with your eBay store URL and then I'll show you how to automate the whole process.

Training Video 4
"Video Marketing"
In this video you will learn what video marketing is and how it can increase unique visitors to your eBay auctions and store. I'll show you how to set up a video at YouTube and how to link it back to our eBay store.

Additional BONUS Videos
"Plus 12 More Videos"
These are just a few of the videos you will be learning from. There is a total of 16 videos in all that you can learn about increasing traffic with eBay and outside of eBay. while reading through book, you will come across a video link, just click on it and you will directed straight to the video.

You get my Auction Traffic Formula Manual and all the training videos at no additional cost so You can start applying my methods Today!

There is no down time either ... you get your product INSTANTLY when you complete your order! In just a few minutes I can be teaching you my Auction Traffic Formula. Even if its 3:00AM!

YES Edson,
I'm ready to take action and learn the methods you have been using successfully to generate thousands of unique visitors to your eBay Store.

I'm sick of being ripped off by those so called "eBay experts" who don't even have an eBay account. The fact that you already revealed your eBay ID tells me your genuine.

I understand I have never to lose with your 60 day Money Back Guarantee that I can put your methods to the test. If I'm not 100% delighted all I need to do is let you know and I will receive a full refund no question asked!

      Auction Traffic Formula

Delivery is instant! Even if its 3:00am

Still Not Sure?

Purchase today and you will also receive these
additional Bonuses Absolutely FREE
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Discover 2 Simple Methods To Race Ahead of your competition, Earn Your Customers Trust, and Win The Sale!

A must read for internet marketers,
face to face sellers, and telemarketers alike!

This manual is a PDF eBook written by a good friend of mine, Omar martin. Omar will teach you his methods for overcoming any objections in two simples steps.

This product usually sells for $19.95 but you get
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 Specific details on how to predict and pre-empt your
customers objections and inhibitions.

Pinpoint rebuttal techniques that will have your
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 Concise explanations of how you can overcome
rebuttals on the Internet through your sales copy.

Examples of how to disarm the prospect without
becoming confrontational and losing the sale.

Plus Omar's 2 secret rebuttal methods!


Fast Action Bonus #2

“Automatically Create Auction Ads That Really Hit Potential Bidders Between The Eyes Without Any Programming!

An excellent little software product
for amazing looking auction listings.

Works with all auction sites including Ebay

Automatically generates all the HTML and Javascript coding by itself.

Automatically displays up to 6 regular photo's which you have uploaded to the internet.

Automatically creates interactive pop-up windows for 6 'super-size' photo's which you have uploaded to the internet.

Automatically "copies" all of the code generated to your computers clipboard so all you need to do is "paste" the code into Ebay. (or any other online auction site)

Automatically allows you to preview your finished advert before submission in a browser windo so you can check to see if everything looks just right.

You Get:

The full Auction-O-Matic Software Program - with resale license allowing you to create unlimited auction adverts and sell unlimited copies of the program itself.

A professional website template complete with the professional graphics and sales letter (valued at $167.00 by itself.

Complete instructions for both using and selling Auction-O-Matic.

Fast Action Bonus #3

"RSS Announcer"
“Instantly and Automatically submit your eBay Store RSS Feed to RSS Directories with a push of a button"

Works with your eBay Store RSS Feed.

Automatically submit your eBay Store RSS Feed to all of the major RSS directories on the Internet.

Imagine the power of tens of thousands of other websites being able to display your eBay Store RSS feed on their website for content.

Confused about RSS Feeds? Don't worry, I will teach you what they are and how to use it inside my formula.

That's Over $200.00 In Bonuses!
Yours today for FREE!

Auction Traffic Formula is a product that has taken over six months to perfect. This is the first time I have ever shared my personal Formula to creating thousands of unique visitors to my eBay store.

I personally know that I would not b where I am today without spending hundreds of hours learning how to increase traffic to my eBay store and my other websites.  I have put my proven tactics into Auction Traffic Formula. I have done this, to spare good people like you the stress and frustration that I had to go through. 

Believe me, you too can be successful at sales if you only had the right Formula. Here it is, Right in front of You. You can now finally start making the money you have always wanted to on eBay. Don't pass it up!

To Your Success,

Edson Buchanan
Got Questions? Contact Me

P.S. Seriously, for just $27 I'll teach you the methods I use every day to drive thousands of visitors to my eBay store. Not only that but you will also be able to use the same methods with your own personal websites or affiliate sites.

P.S. Did you spot the 60 day money back guarantee in the box above? It really does take away the perceived risk for you. The risk is all on me. I will don't know how much longer I can keep this complete package at such a low price. The price is about to go up, Don't miss Out!

Auction Traffic Formula 


Free 5 Key Elements to eBay Success!

Recieve 5 Key Elements To eBay Success inside Your Inbox.

In This 5 Day Course Discover 5 Elements Every Successful eBay Seller Follows. Then Copy and do Extactly The Same. 

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